Josephine Fogg, Founder of the School                                                  

My vision for the Josephine Fogg School is for it to be a place where the students are exposed to as much knowledge and information as possible and encouraged to excel in their studies, with the goal of helping them reach their greatest potential and subsequently enrich their communities with their skills and knowledge

The Zambians are good people, made up of 73 tribes, with the official language being English. Zambia has everything to make it an agricultural powerhouse. The pupils should be encouraged to learn agricultural practices, management skills and other subjects to prepare them to help make Zambia an economic success.

Looking to the future, we are planning to build a small, separate building on the school grounds to educate the younger children, with their own playground and their own Early Learning Centre.

In 1987 one of the teachers was trained in the Montessori Method of teaching by visiting Montessori teachers from London. Early Learning is still being taught in the school. The school presently educates grades K - 9, and follows the English system of education.

Due to the limited space, a double schedule is used to accommodate the number of students. Morning sessions commence at 8:00am, and afternoon sessions commence at 1:00pm. During the holidays the teachers give extracurricular classes to students, and some of the parents attend these classes also.

With thanks for the support you have offered the school.

Your generosity is known and appreciated by all the staff and pupils.

Sincerely, Josephine



John Ndede, Head of the School                                                  

Hello, Friends

I was appointed Head of School of the Josephine Fogg School in 2008 where I met enthusiastic pupils and supportive parents. All the buildings at the School have come from donated funds. The School is managed and maintained by fees paid by the parents. The School is for boys and girls, school uniforms are required, paid for by the parents. The new building of 3 large classrooms accommodates 40 children in each class, a Teachers Room, Strong Room for examination papers and bathrooms and showers. Desks, chairs and text books were also donated. This building was opened in 2009 by Kafue officials and Alison Fogg Carlson, who visited with her husband and family. This new accommodation enabled the School to register pupils in Grades 8 and 9 thereby making the School a Basic School. Grades 10, 11, 12 can be taken at a local high school.

The School currently has 17 well qualified and experienced teaching staff and 7 auxiliary staff.

The School runs a double session programme from 07.00 – 12.00 hrs. and 12.30  - 17.hrs. daily from Monday to Friday.

The Early Learning Center (Nursery ages 3 to 5) where children are taught using the Montessori method of learning.

Early Learning classes: 112

Primary Grades 1 – 7: 471

Basic Grades 8 and 9: 115

Making a total of 698 children using 20 classes


Academically the School has been performing well in both Primary and Basic levels.   The School obtained the best Grade 9 results in the District of Kafue in 2010 with 43 students taking Grade 9 examinations and all passed with 100%. The school is registered with the Ministry of Education and is Accredited as the Josephine Fogg Basic School.  The School Board, which represents the various entities in Kafue, meets regularly. The accounts are audited every year. The PTA is a very important factor in the School. The majority of the parents have a high school education and are very interested in the education of their children. A Science Building is necessary for grades 8 and 9 and funds are now being raised.


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