-- This was said to my mother, Josephine Fogg, by an old African man in 1986 when she commenced the building of a pre-school in Kafue, a small town 40 Kilometers south of Lusaka, capital of Zambia.

My father was working for the World Bank supervising the rehabilitation of an industrial fertilizer plant.  My mother discovered a nursery school comprising of 4 cottages in the grounds of the factory.  She was so impressed with the dedication of the teachers she decided they deserved a new building.   She raised funds from all the contractors working on the plant, Embassies, women's groups, local suppliers and many other sources.   The town of Kafue donated the land,  the new building was completed and opened in 1988 with the 65 pre-school children, housed in 6 classrooms.


The Josephine Fogg School

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Eighteen years later my sister Jacqui, who was in Zambia working for the State Department,  decided to see if the school in Kafue was still in existence.   She found the school had expanded to 230 children, grades K - 7 and were using each classroom in 2 rotations.   My mother returned to Zambia  and received a warm welcome, and was honored for her vision, from teachers and parents.   She was asked to raise funds to build 3 more classrooms so they could take the school to Grade 9 which makes the school a "Basic" school in Zambia.

With the support of many friends I was able to raise funds needed for the extra classrooms, and my mother organized the design and construction of the new buildings.   The new building was opened in 2009 with a ceremony attended by the Carlson family and members of the Kafue Town Council, and local dignitaries.  The school now has 600 children registered and continues to be recognized for its high standard of education.

Mr. Dismus Mali with his grandchildren.  Mr. Mali is the architect and builder of the original school.