Building The New Science Lab

Dear Friends,

My mother and I ventured to Zambia again this April to visit the school she started back in 1984 and many of you support. As always, the expenses for these trips are paid out of personal funds and no donations are used. This time, Lesley, Don's sister, and Riccardo, my dear friend, as well as Taylor's godfather joined us. I am pleased to report that it was once again a very productive and hugely rewarding trip.

The country of Zambia is booming and full of life with lots of new opportunities for people to use their education. The school is also in fantastic shape. The grounds have never looked better, the classrooms are clean, orderly and the walls covered with interesting eye opening posters, pertinent to each grade. The teachers are extremely happy working there, and the students are all well educated and getting top marks in their subjects. The school continues to have a superior reputation in the area.

Riccardo, generous as always, arrived with boxes of soccer, football and basketballs, and (after spending hours pumping each one up) kicked them around with the students in the outdoor play area we have created for the children. He also spiffed up each and every girl with colorful hair ties, bracelets and handbags. There were presents for all, and everyone had a smile on his or her face as they wandered home after a special and wonderful day.

Lesley, a career nurse at San Diego's RADY hospital center brought a bag of goodies from the hospital and taught classes on health care and answered questions about any concerns of the teachers and students. All her input was very much appreciated, and I hope she can join us again in the near future. We spent the next day working with contractors on the Early Learning Center and our need for a new water hole.

Last year we hosted a dinner for the Board, this time we hosted a teacher appreciation dinner in the simple guest house we always stay in. It was such a joyous event. One of the teachers made a lovely speech stating how touched he was that we come back every year; that we never forget them. It is hard to ever forget these children, the dedicated teachers, Mr. Ndede, Head Teacher and all the volunteer Kafue community Board members who support the school.

This year we were also welcomed by the Mayor of Kafue, Mrs. Chapeshamano, she is thrilled with the standard of the education and the ethics and values of the students who attend the Josephine Fogg School.

Our projects for the future year are to complete the interior of the science lab and to stock it with the needed chemistry and biology equipment. We hope to build the Early Learning center so the little ones can move out of the Teacher's Lounge and into their own space. The school also desperately needs a new water hole to replace the hole we built over 27 years ago when the school only had 64 students, not the 680 it has now.

My mother stayed on for a month after we left to meet with the Board, and to ensure all projects that we are supporting were going well, as well as determine what new projects the school needs. I often wonder when I embark on these trips whether it will be my last adventure with my mother on such a long flight to Zambia. However, she is always ahead of me in the immigration lines, as well as up and down the stairs leading from the tarmac to the planes. Her work with the school clearly gives her vitality.

As always, your generosity has meant the world to this village we have supported.

Warmly, Alison

Upper-class students waving goodbye

Lesley after a class on health concerns

Teachers enjoy an appreciation dinner

Two New Classrooms Open in 2009

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